Rqn Means Naked

The Rqn of Rqn

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Hey!  Everyone in the world and me is naked! 

I’ll just go to my house and put some clothes on.  But wait!  I don’t have any clothes anymore!  I’ll have to go to the store.

I went to the store but they don’t have any clothes.  Well, I just think I have to knit some clothes.  I’m going to knit with two pencils, like this: (sound effects) choochoochoochoochoo.  I went home and there’s no string!

Hey mom, can you go to the store and get some string?  The mom said sorry, the store doesn’t have any string.

There’s even no anything at the store!  They only have beds.

The End.


3 Responses to "The Rqn of Rqn"

You’ll have to be naked forever! I loved your story. It was hilarious!

I loved it, E! My favorite part is about the beds.

I found this story to be very interesting and funny to say the least. I think you better go sweet talk your grandma into buying you some new clothes cause we don’t want you to be jaked and catch a chill on your little bootae.

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