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The Death of Man

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Hey!  There’s a monster on the loose!

Hey!  I don’t know why the monster is just getting me.  Then this is the end of me.  BEEEEPPP!

Hey!  Help!!  The monster is getting me!  I’m being killed!!  gulp gulp gulp

Hi-ya!  Take that, you evil monster!  Hi-ya!! 

Oh yeah, I killed that monster.

Hi-ya!  Boo-ya! I killed that monster dead.

The End


1 Response to "The Death of Man"

E, you and A2 will have to fight monsters together. A2 has been fighting the toy monster and the morning monster for ages now. Also, some of the characters in Droon have been showing up to be battled. I think you two will have fun!

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